Calcium Stearate

MELOS has been established to respond the needs in plastics and rubber auxiliary materials used in automotive related industries, white goods, cable, shoe industry and construction business. Calcium Stearate

MELOS formed with the aim and consistency of a group, which takes place in Turkish industry over 50 years, for being present in different business areas. MELOS is taking its place in plastics and rubber industries as an producer. Flame Retardant

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Our primary target is presenting highly qualified products to the world market by means of positive colloboration with our customers.

Our Vision

The biggest aim of our establishment is to continue our way in the international area by the power of our business partners’ supports. We stand for “customer centered service” understanding. Active Zinc Oxide

We stated our vision as “foreseeing the future from today” by supporting our quality with the help of technological improvements.

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